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Passion-Driven Professional Development

What is passion?  According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, passion is defined as "an intense, driving...feeling of conviction."  To me, passion is feeling strongly enough about something to want to shout about it from the roof-tops.  Well, maybe not a literal roof-top, but you know what I mean.

Last year I found my passion as it relates to education:  instructional technology.  Once I started learning about it and using it in my classroom, I felt like I had to tell everyone I could about it.  I took to Twitter, Facebook, my blog, professional development days, and conferences to share my message.  I didn't feel obligated to do any of those things, but once I realized what a powerful tool I had unearthed, I felt the need to share it with anyone and everyone who would listen to me.

What is your passion?   Do you feel strongly about Google Applications?  Using student feedback effectively? Standards-based grading?  Maybe you have found a way to integrate a new media tool or …