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What I learned about education by wrapping Christmas gifts

Last night I locked myself in the guest bedroom to wrap my wife's Christmas presents.  I didn't think this would be a difficult task since I have been wrapping presents for many years.  I wrapped her "main" present easily; it was a standard box shape, so I didn't have to put much thought or effort into it.  Her second, smaller gift was slightly more complicated, so I had to think about how I was going to wrap the present before I started, but in the end I used the same basic method I did for the box.  When it came to her third gift, one of those travel cups that has a built-in straw (sorry for the spoiler alert, Kim), I decided to use the same process that I did for the other two gifts, but low and behold, I wasn't all.  I tried to wrap it several times before I had the stroke of genius to use the gift bag you see to the right.

After I put her gift in the bag and admired my handiwork (or lack thereof), I started thinking about some of my cur…