My "10 Picture Tour"

Cale Birk, @birklearns recently posted a blog titled "My 10 Picture Tour" in which he encouraged members of his PLN take 10 pictures of their school to help others get a good idea of what their school situation is like.

Enjoy the view of Seckman High School!

This is my workspace, complete with a second-hand chair from my sister-in-law, never-ending clutter, my morning juice (just because I skipped the Sugar Free Red Bull today), and pictures from students.

This is the main hallway that lead to the academic wings from our lobby.  In between classes it is filled with about 1,850 students.  This is where I do my daily duty.  

One of the walls of our lobby.  The shoes represent student donations to the JDRF.  Every morning students are reminded to roar down the Jaguar PATH.

Students at Seckman begin their days in the cafeteria, waiting for the first bell to release them into the hallways.  Our cafeteria is decorated with banners donated by graduating classes and our character words. 

Another view of the lobby.  When students, staff, and guests walk into Seckman High School, they see our banners celebrating our ACT and character education programs.  

Under the guidance of @thompson_shs, the library media center is Seckman's digital hub.  This is where my students do all of their tech-related projects.  As you can see, @justintarte (pictured) loves spending time in the LMC. 

Part of the trophy case in our athletic wing.  In its short life, Seckman has been home to a variety of successful athletic programs.  The trophy cases were made by the advanced woodworking classes.

Jaguars in the news!  Newspaper articles about our athletic programs, displayed near the athletic office in the basement.

 As a part of the art curriculum, students paint murals in the modern art hallway.  

Our school district's character words have been made into posters that feature SHS students and are hung throughout the building.

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