My Presentations

Contact me if you have interest in inviting me to your school to  give a presentation to your teachers.  I am qualified to speak on more topics than I have listed below.  

Parent Communication in the 21st Century - Teachers will learn strategies and best practices when it comes to using social media to communicate with parents.

Making Presentations POP - Teachers will learn strategies to create visually engaging presentations.

What's on the Horizon: Emerging Issues in Instructional Technology - This session will provide teachers with an introduction of a variety of Web 2.0 tools used for collaboration, cloud-based storage, mobile learning, and communication

Character and Digital Citizenship in the 21st Century - This session will explain the basics of digital citizenship for both students and teachers. Parallels will be drawn between character education and digital citizenship.

An Introduction to Online Animation - This session will provide teachers with a variety of online animation tools and their classroom application. Participants will learn to use a variety of animation tools and be given time to practice.

Using Social Media to Personalize Professional Development - Teachers will be introduced to a variety of social media tools that will allow them to have 24/7, personalized professional development. Focus areas: Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook

5 Web Tools you Didn't Know you Needed - Teachers will learn about tech tools assist with time management, productivity, and communication.

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