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Google Forms Updates: Create Quizzes in Google Forms

This afternoon, while preparing to deliver some PD on Google Forms tomorrow, I was reviewing Google Forms and noticed something new pop up in the top of the screen: a create quiz section.  This excited me for several reasons, including the possibility of being able to skip Flubaroo when grading quizzes in Google Forms. In this post, I will break down some of the new features of Google Forms and share how they can be used to increase communication in the classroom and increase teacher efficiency. Collect Email Addresses  One of my biggest complaints with previous versions of Google Forms was that teachers could not collect the usernames of people filling out  a form without giving them the ability to get a copy of the questions and their responses.  This could be problematic if a teacher were to assign a test early in the day. By the end of the class period, all students could potentially have access to the test questions (let's hold off on the conversation about what might