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5 lessons I learned about PD from attending edcamp

After attending my first edcamp in Kansas City, MO about a year and a half ago, I immediately began to see how the edcamp model could be applied to PD on a building level.  As I prepare for EdcampSTL on February 9th, I have started to think about what I have learned about PD from attending both EdcampKC and EdcampSTL. 1.  Everyone is an expert. The great thing about attending an edcamp is that discussions can be started by anyone in attendance.  I have been a part of professional discussions led by brand new teachers and other sessions led by veteran superintendents who have been in education longer than I have been alive.  The common bond all of those sessions and "presenters" have shared is that they are there to learn just like everyone else. No matter what one's area of expertise, experience level, or passion, there is room for everyone to facilitate a session at an edcamp. Don't look too far when you need presenters for building or district-level profess