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Google Chrome/Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

In the past year, my school district has deployed over 1,000 Chromebooks to schools.  As I have  spent time observing students and teachers interacting and creating with their Chromebooks, I noticed that very few people were familiar with keyboard shortcuts that would save valuable work time. I created the infographic below to share with teachers and students.  Use the comments below share some of your favorite Chrome shortcuts.  

Tech Tools for the BYOD Classroom

Recently, I had the opportunity to present at the MOREnet M3 technology conference in Columbia, MO on tech tools for the BYOD classroom. Below is the slide deck from my presentation.  This was my first experience presenting at a conference outside of my home district.  I found this experience to be rewarding and provided me an excellent opportunity to grow as a presenter.   Use the comments section below to share what tech tools are on your must-have list for the BYOD classroom. 

Google Classroom Resources #edtechchat

One of the hottest new edtech trends this year is Google Classroom.  The Google Apps for Education team has created a tool that links the power of Google Drive and Gmail into one user-friendly interface.  Google Classroom isn't an LMS that can replace systems like Blackboard...yet.  But educators who have been looking for a place to send, receive, and organize student work stored on Google Drive LOVE Classroom. Below is a YouTube playlist I have created with screencasts that demonstrate a how to do most common tasks in Google Classroom including: adding students to a class, creating, assigning, and returning student work, and more. Use the comments section of this post to let me know what videos you would like me to add to this playlist.